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Charles S. Trump IV (R - Morgan, 15)


Capitol Office:
Room 210W, Building 1
State Capitol Complex
Charleston, WV 25305
Capitol Phone: (304) 357-7880

171 S. Washington Street
Berkeley Springs, WV, 25411
Home Phone: (304) 258-5133
Business Phone: (304) 258-1414


CHAIR: Judiciary
Committee of the Whole

CHAIR: Judiciary
CHAIR: Law Institute
NONVOTING: Natural Gas Development
Economic Development
Government and Finance
Health and Human Resources Accountability
Pensions and Retirement
Special Investigations
Workforce Investment for Economic Development


District Counties: Berkeley (part), Hampshire, Mineral (part), Morgan



Senator Trump was the Lead Sponsor of 53 bills
SB 2WV Appellate Reorganization Act of 2019PendingJudiciary
SB 17Relating to probation eligibilitySigned
SB 18Relating to crimes committed on State Capitol ComplexSigned
SB 25Authorizing certain higher education governing boards to eliminate faculty tenurePendingEducation
SB 41Revising procedures for certain driver's license suspensions and revocationsPendingJudiciary
SB 42Increasing number of magistrates serving Berkeley County PendingJudiciary
SB 43Relating generally to used motor vehicle warrantiesPendingJudiciary
SB 44Appropriation Supremacy Act of 2019PendingJudiciary
SB 45Permitting certain nonpublic school students to participate in activities under WV Secondary School Activities Commission PendingEducation
SB 96Allowing retired judicial officer avoid limit on temporary employment payments under certain circumstancesPendingJudiciary
SB 97Modernizing certain beer, wine, and liquor lawsPendingJudiciary
SB 98Reforming liability for municipalities and counties for certain civil actions alleging injuryPendingJudiciary
SB 99Relating generally to Motor Vehicle Alcohol Test and Lock ProgramPendingJudiciary
SB 100Increasing court fees to fund law-enforcement standards training and expensesSigned
SB 101Equalizing penalties for intimidating and retaliating against certain public officers and other personsSigned
SB 102Relating generally to powers and authority of courthouse security officersPendingJudiciary
SB 103Relating generally to Public Defender ServicesSigned
SB 104Relating to pyramid promotional schemesPendingJudiciary
SB 119Specifying documents not subject to discovery in certain proceedingsSigned
SB 126Requiring industrial hemp grower licensees file copy of license with local sheriffPendingNatural Resources
SB 127Relating to parole officers' duties to perform alcohol and drug testing of litigantsPendingJudiciary
SB 258Establishing common law "veil piercing" claims not be used to impose personal liabilityPendingJudiciary
SB 261Relating to number of magistrates serving each countyPendingFinance
SB 262Establishing certain requirements for dental insurancePendingBanking and Insurance
SB 264Requiring courts to order restitution to crime victims where economically practicableSigned
SB 318Transferring Medicaid Fraud Control Unit to Attorney General's officeSigned
SB 319Relating to attorney contingency fee contracts and collectionsPendingJudiciary
SB 320Relating to punitive damage awards and paymentsPendingJudiciary
SB 340Repealing obsolete provisions of code relating to WV Physicians Mutual Insurance CompanySigned
SB 360Relating to third-party litigation financingSigned
SB 361Relating to Public Defender ServicesPendingJudiciary
SB 362Relating to Mine Subsidence Insurance ProgramPending
SB 398Relating to compensation for senior judgesSigned
SB 399Relating to compensation for senior magistratesPendingJudiciary
SB 406Relating to collection of taxes on estate or property in receivershipPendingFinance
SB 407Relating to abandonment and indication of ownership in property held by financial institutionPendingJudiciary
SB 480Relating to administration of estatesPendingJudiciary
SB 481Relating to Judicial Vacancy Advisory CommissionSigned
SB 482Relating to barring parent from inheriting from child in certain instancesPendingJudiciary
SB 483Relating to administration of estatesPendingJudiciary
SB 491Extending effective date for voter registration in conjunction with driver licensingSigned
SB 511Creating alternating wine proprietorshipsSigned
SB 529Clarifying provisions of Nonintoxicating Beer ActSigned
SB 530Relating to state employee merit systemPendingJudiciary
SB 531Relating generally to workers' compensation claimsSigned
SB 561Permitting Alcohol Beverage Control Administration request assistance of local law enforcementSigned
SB 563Prohibiting sexual assault victim be subjected to certain physical examinationsPendingJudiciary
SB 587Relating to PEIA reimbursement of air ambulance providersSigned
SB 600Relating to preservation of biological evidence obtained through criminal investigations and trialsSigned
SB 601Relating to mandatory supervision of adult inmatesSigned
SB 615Providing ongoing mechanism for county commissioners to allow compensation increases for elected officials every two yearsPendingFinance
SB 649Relating to sales tax on motor vehiclesPendingFinance
SB 655Relating to conservation districts generallySigned

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