HB4543 HFA Shott and Fleischauer 2-19 #2

cr 3338


Delegates Shott and Fleischauer moved to amend the committee substitute on page 4, section 1, by reinserting the stricken language on lines 83 – 96, to read as follows:

Coverage for self-management education and education relating to diet shall be limited to:

(1) Visits medically necessary upon the diagnosis of diabetes;

(2) Visits under circumstances where a health care practitioner identifies or diagnoses a significant change in the patient’s symptoms or conditions that necessitates changes in a patient’s self-management; and

(3) Where a new medication or therapeutic process relating to the person’s treatment and/or management of diabetes has been identified as medically necessary by a health care practitioner: Provided, That coverage for reeducation or refresher education shall be limited to $100 annually.

(i) The education may be provided by a health care practitioner as part of an office visit for diabetes diagnosis or treatment, or by a licensed pharmacist for instructing and monitoring a patient regarding the proper use of covered equipment, supplies and medications, or by a certified diabetes educator, or registered dietitian.”