HB2519 HFA Shott 2-26 #10 REFORMED

Reese 3382


Delegate Shott moved to amend the Committee Substitute on page  45,  line 103, after the word,” code”, by inserting the following subsection:

“(k) No later than December 15th of each calendar year, the state institutions of higher learning shall report on any issues related to implementation of  “The Campus Self Defense Act”   to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance, including all financial effects and costs, any effect on enrollment, any effect on retention or recruitment of faculty and staff, any incidents on campus related to concealed carry of a pistol or revolver, or any other issue which the state institution of higher learning identifies as relevant information for the Joint Committee on Government and Finance to assess and evaluate the effect of “The Campus Self Defense Act” on higher education in the State of West Virginia.


by renumbering the remaining paragraphs as “(l)” and “(m)”, respectively: