HB2011 HFA Fleischauer 2-25 #1


Delegate Fleischauer moves to amend the bill on page 3, line 31, following the period at the end of Section 3, by inserting a new Section, to read as follows:

17-30-4. Pilot project regarding Enhanced Road Maintenance Program by combined paving and maintenance contract provisions.

The commissioner shall initiate a pilot project in District 4 of the Division of Highways to evaluate whether combining contract terms requiring the contractor to maintain paved secondary roads for seven years after performing the initial paving of the secondary roads would produce a result both more convenient for the public and cost effective for the division. The district shall let at least three projects involving combined paving and maintenance contracts for secondary roads in each of the counties in the district during the pilot project.

The division shall draft criteria for which roads would be covered, how requirements would be implemented and evaluated, and share the criteria and the results in yearly reports pursuant to 17-30-5, and to all of the Legislators in District 4.


By renumbering Sections 4 and 5 of the bill accordingly.