HB2359 H T&I AM #1 1-21

Reed 3253


The Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure move to amend the bill on page 1, after the enacting clause, by striking the remainder of the bill and inserting in lieu thereof the following:


§17E-1-8a. Restricted commercial driver’s license for certain drivers in farm-related       service industries.

(a) A restricted commercial driver’s license may be issued to persons without meeting the required knowledge and skill tests for driving a commercial motor vehicle prescribed in §17E-1-9 of this code who are employees of the following designated farm-related service industries:

(1) Agrichemical businesses;

(2) Custom harvesters;

(3) Farm retail outlets and suppliers; and

(4) Livestock feeders.

(b) A restricted commercial driver’s license issued pursuant to this section shall meet all of the requirements enumerated in 49 C.F.R. Part §383.3(f).”