HB2193 S JUD AM #1 2-26

Aubel  7888


The Committee on Judiciary moved to amend the bill on page six, after line forty-five, by adding a new subsection, designated subsection (g), to read as follows:

(g) Notwithstanding the provisions of §36-8-15 and §36-8-16 of this code, any person making a claim for the United States savings bonds escheated to the State of West Virginia under this section, or for the proceeds from such bonds, may file a claim with the administrator pursuant to §36-8-15 of this code. Upon providing sufficient proof of the validity of such person’s claim, the administrator may, in his or her sole discretion, pay such claim less any expenses and costs which have been incurred by the state in securing full title and ownership of such property by escheat. If payment has been made to any claimant, no action thereafter may be maintained by any other claimant against the state or any officer thereof, for, or on account of, such funds.