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Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - 02:59 PM

Senate Passes Teacher Pay Raise

The Senate convened today at 11 a.m.

The Senate recalled S.B. 398 from the House. The body reconsidered the bill and it passed 22-12.

S. B. 319 was passed unanimously. It would allow students who completed home schooling through high school to be eligible for the PROMISE scholarship without acquiring a GED.

S. B. 415 was passed 25-9. This would permit "sports betting", wagering on the results of professional and collegiate sport or athletic events, motor races, and certain special events designated by the Lottery Commission, at existing casionos in the state. Any excess funds in the State Lottery Fund, after reaching $15 million, will be transfered tp the Public Employees Insurance Agency Financial Stability Fund to help stabalize PEIA and fund it for the future.

S. B. 451 was passed 33-1 and would permit sunday hunting on public lands. The bill would also legalize "noodling", catching catfish barehanded, with the posession of a fishing license. The bill also contains other provisions relating to wildlife, hunting, and fishing.

S. B. 494 was passed 19-14 and would consider members of the State Teachers Retirement System absent while serving as officer with statewide professional association.

S. B. 406, S. B. 450, S. B. 475, S. B. 479, and S. B. 512, were all passed unanimously.

H. B. 4380, H. B. 4381, H. B. 4384 and H. B. 4386 were all passed unanimously and are now awaiting a signature fom the Governor.

The Senate is in recess until tonight at 4:30 p.m.

Committees meeting today:

Rules at 4 p.m. 451M

Committees meeting tomorrow:

Health and Human Resources at 9 a.m. 451M

Energy, Industry and Mining at 9 a.m. 208W

Sub Committee for S.B. 369 at 9 a.m. Judiciary Conference Room

Education at 10 a.m. 451M

Government Organization at 10 a.m. 208W


Update 7:03 p.m.:

The Senate reconvened at 6 p.m.

S.B 267, increasing salaries of certain state employees, was taken up for immediate consideration. The body amended the House amendment with a 21-12 vote. The proposed pay increase for state police officers, teachers and school service personel will now be a 2 percent raise for the first year and a 1 percent raisee for the subsequent two years.

The amended bill was then passed 27-6. It has been sent to the House to concur.

The Senate is adjourned until tomorrow at 11 a.m.

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