15. Each bill or resolution for introduction shall be presented in quadruplicate, bearing the name of the member or members by whom it is to be introduced, and shall be filed with the Clerk not later than twelve o'clock meridian on the legislative day next preceding its introduction: Provided, That the pre-filing requirement shall not apply to the first day of any session of the Legislature. A bill may be introduced by request. All bills introduced by request shall bear the words "by request", following the designation of the name or names of the bill sponsor or sponsors.
The Clerk shall designate one copy of a bill or resolution the official copy and it shall constitute the official bill or resolution for use of committees and for the permanent files of the Senate. One copy shall be used for printing and copying, one for the use of the news media and one for the Clerk's general office files.
Each bill or resolution shall be numbered, edited and corrected as to form by the Clerk and reported by the Clerk to the Senate on the next legislative day, under the sixth order of business. In case of urgency, on motion for leave agreed to by a majority of the members present, a member may introduce a bill or resolution from the floor.