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Release Date: 01/14/2020
Contact: Jacque Bland at (304) 357-7999


Senate Calendar and Committee Schedule for Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 – 8th Day of Session


The Senate will convene at 11 a.m.




  • SR 7: Designating January 15, 2020, as Tourism Day at Legislature




  • Eng. Com. Sub. for SB 94: Providing persons with physical disabilities ability to vote by electronic absentee ballot




  • There are no bills on Second Reading for Wednesday, January 15, 2020.




  • Com. Sub. for SB 35: Limiting civil penalty for littering conviction to $2,000
  • Com. Sub. for SB 46: Defining "pepper spray" and exempting from definition of "deadly weapons"
  • SB 140: Changing rate at which certain judges are paid for mileage when traveling within state
  • SB 170: Alleviating double taxation on foreign income at state level
  • Com. Sub. for SB 207: Creating Prosecuting Attorney's Detectives Act
  • SB 310: Updating certain terms used in WV Personal Income Tax Act


Scheduled Committee Meetings


10 a.m.: Workforce (208W)

  • SB 217: Requiring DHHR collaborate with Workforce Development Board and WV Division of Personnel for job placement


10 a.m.: Interstate Cooperation (451M)

  • SB 197: Enacting Recognition of Emergency Medical Services Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact


1 p.m.: Economic Development (208W)

  • SB 265: Authorizing DEP to develop Reclamation of Abandoned and Dilapidated Properties Program
  • SB 36: Establishing Mountaineer Trail Network Recreation Authority
  • SB 60: Creating Office of Outdoor Recreation


2 p.m.: Pensions (451M)

  • SB 31: Providing 11-month window for PERS members to purchase certain credited service
  • SB 146: Establishing minimum monthly retirement annuity for retirants with 20 or more years of credited service


3 p.m.: Judiciary (208W)

  • SB 125: Prohibiting victim from being subjected to certain physical examinations for sexual offenses
  • SB 323: Authorizing Department of Administration promulgate legislative rules
  • SB 364: Authorizing Department of Transportation promulgate legislative rules


3 p.m.: Finance (451M)

  • Budget Presentation: West Virginia Secretary of State
  • Budget Presentation: West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services


Senate Bills to be Introduced Wednesday, January 15, 2020


  • SB 468: Relating to eligibility for license or permit application (Pitsenbarger, Hamilton, Sypolt, Azinger, Boley, Clements, Cline, Roberts, Romano, Swope, Tarr; Natural Resources)
  • SB 469: Increasing replacement costs for game and protected species (Hamilton, Sypolt, Prezioso; Natural Resources then Judiciary)
  • SB 470: Relating to use of crossbow to hunt (Cline, Hamilton, Pitsenbarger, Sypolt, Roberts, Azinger, Palumbo; Natural Resources)
  • SB 471: Providing valuation of stolen scrap copper or copper wire for penalty purposes (FN) (Maynard; Judiciary)
  • SB 472: Providing alternative sentencing program for work release (FN) (Maynard; Judiciary)
  • SB 473: Requiring physicians notify parents when prescribing contraceptives to minors (Maynard; Health and Human Resources then Judiciary)
  • SB 474: Requiring public schools notify parents when dispensing contraceptives to minors (Maynard; Health and Human Resources then Judiciary)
  • SB 475: Requiring posting of Ten Commandments in every courthouse (FN) (Maynard; Judiciary)
  • SB 476: Requiring WV schools teach cursive writing (FN) (Maynard; Education)
  • SB 477: Prohibiting county airport authorities to regulate possession or carrying of firearm (Maynard – by request; Judiciary)
  • SB 478: Creating WV Motorsports Entertainment Complex Investment Act (FN) (Maynard; Economic Development then Finance)
  • SB 479: Relating to registration and use of military surplus vehicles (FN) (Maynard; Government Organization then Finance)
  • SB 480: Enacting WV Human Life Protection Act (Maynard; Health and Human Resources then Judiciary)
  • SB 481: Allowing primitive camping on state property (Maynard; Natural Resources then Government Organization)
  • SB 482: Eliminating permit requirement for storing concealed handgun in vehicle on school property for persons over 21 (Maynard – by request; Judiciary)
  • SB 483: Eliminating restriction to carry firearm on State Capitol Complex grounds (Maynard – by request; Judiciary)
  • SB 484: Requiring free feminine hygiene products be provided to female prisoners (FN) (Maynard; Judiciary then Finance)
  • SB 485: Relating to Board of Parole (FN) (Clements; Judiciary then Finance)
  • SB 486: Permitting ABCC licensees operating at state park locations pay in arrears (Cline, Sypolt, Prezioso, Hamilton, Palumbo; Natural Resources)
  • SB 487: Providing exception that all DNR payments be deposited within 24 hours (Sypolt, Hamilton, Azinger; Natural Resources)
  • SB 488: Relating to membership of Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (Maynard; Government Organization)
  • SB 489: Moving provisions of licensing contractors to chapter 30 of code (IB) (Maynard, Clements, Smith, Sypolt, Tarr, Swope; Government Organization)
  • SB 490: Relating to protection of animal and crop facilities (IB) (Sypolt, Smith, Rucker, Beach, Baldwin; Agriculture and Rural Development then Judiciary)
  • SB 491: Relating to Seed Certification Program (IB) (Sypolt, Smith, Rucker, Beach, Baldwin; Agriculture and Rural Development then Government Organization)
  • SB 492: Enacting Recognition of Emergency Services Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact (IB) (Sypolt, Cline, Ihlenfeld, Maynard, Pitsenbarger, Stollings; Interstate Cooperation then Judiciary)
  • SB 493: Increasing age limit for honorably discharged veteran of US armed forces or National Guard to 40 years for firefighter applications (Rucker; Military then Pensions)
  • SB 494: Allowing municipal police or fire departments join state municipal police and firefighters' retirement system (FN) (Rucker; Pensions then Finance)
  • SB 495: Relating to registration fees for alternative fuel vehicles (FN) (Clements; Transportation and Infrastructure then Finance)
  • SB 496: Prohibiting employment of unauthorized employees in construction industry (FN) (Hamilton, Ihlenfeld, Jeffries, Pitsenbarger, Stollings, Woelfel; Workforce then Judiciary)
  • SB 497: Relating to outdoor advertising regulated by Commissioner of Highways (Hamilton, Azinger, Jeffries, Pitsenbarger, Smith, Stollings; Transportation and Infrastructure)
  • SB 498: Creating New Worker Relocation Incentive Program (FN) (Hamilton, Stollings, Smith; Economic Development then Finance)
  • SB 499: Removing barriers to employment for certain individuals with criminal records (IB) (Maynard, Clements, Smith, Sypolt, Swope; Government Organization then Judiciary)
  • SB 500: Relating to Class Y special crossbow hunting permit (Hamilton, Pitsenbarger, Sypolt; Natural Resources)
  • SB 501: Relating to North Bend Rail Trail, Greenbrier River Trail, and Elk River Trail (Hamilton, Pitsenbarger, Sypolt, Prezioso; Natural Resources)
  • SB 502: Relating to methamphetamine criminal penalty (FN) (Ihlenfeld, Hardesty, Jeffries, Lindsay, Palumbo, Stollings, Woelfel; Judiciary)
  • SB 503: Removing barriers to employment for certain individuals with criminal records (IB) (Sypolt, Cline, Maynard, Pitsenbarger, Stollings, Jeffries; Government Organization then Judiciary)
  • SB 504: Providing for timely and efficient handling of forensic evidence in sexual assault cases (FN) (Woelfel; Judiciary then Finance)
  • SB 505: Relating to urban renewal acquisition of property (Weld; Economic Development then Government Organization)
  • SCR 5: Requesting Joint Committee on Government and Finance study ways to achieve higher levels of effectiveness and fairness in public school system (Rucker)
  • SCR 6: Walter E. Swiger, Jr., Memorial Bridge (Romano, Facemire, Baldwin, Beach, Hardesty, Ihlenfeld, Jeffries, Lindsay)
  • SR 8: Designating January 16, 2020, as Aviation Day (Romano and Swope)


* (FN) indicates the bill has a Fiscal Note

* (IB) indicates the bill is an Interim Bill


Committee Action on Bills from Tuesday, January 14, 2020


1 p.m.: Health and Human Resources

  • SB 291: Requiring PEIA and health insurance providers provide mental health parity
  • Bill is laid over to a future committee meeting


2 p.m.: Government Organization

  • SB 138: Incentives for consolidating local governments
  • Amended committee substitute reported to the full Senate with the recommendation it do pass; second reference to Finance


  • SB 225: Authorizing municipalities to enact Adopt-A-Street programs
  • Bill reported to the full Senate with recommendation it do pass


  • SB 309: Relating to competitive bidding for government construction contracts arising from state of emergency
  • Bill laid over to a future committee meeting


2 p.m.: Education

  • SB 42: Permitting faith-based electives in classroom drug prevention programs
  • Bill reported to the full Senate with recommendation it do pass


  • SB 192: Relating to WV Secondary School Activities Commission audits
  • Bill is laid over to a future committee meeting


  • SB 297: Requiring Board of Education create home economics course
  • Bill is laid over to a future committee meeting


3 p.m.: Judiciary

  • SB 16: Creating Protect Our Right to Unite Act
  • Committee substitute reported to the full Senate with the recommendation it do pass


Resolutions Adopted by the Senate as of Tuesday, January 14, 2020 (2)


  • SCR 1: Designating dogs adopted from animal shelters and rescues as WV official state dog (Pending House introduction)

·         SCR 2: Requesting Frederick County, Virginia, consider becoming part of State of West Virginia (House Government Organization)


Committee times and agendas are subject to change. Follow @WVSenClerk on Twitter for updates.


All Senate Committee meetings and floor sessions are available for both live streaming and to watch again in our archives. The link to the Senate’s archived video page can be found here:


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