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Release Date: 02/12/2019
Contact: Jacque Bland at (304) 357-7999


Senate Calendar and Committee Schedule for Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 – 35th Day of Session


The Senate will convene at 11 a.m.






· SCR 27: Requesting study determining shortage of drivers with CDLs




· Com. Sub. for SB 40: Establishing Military Service Members Court program

· SB 47: Providing wind power projects be taxed at real property rate

· Com. Sub. for Com. Sub. for SB 285: Relating to sale of homemade food items (original similar to HB 2564)

· Com. Sub. for SB 291: Relating generally to survivor benefits for emergency response providers (original similar to HB 2438)

· SB 296: Providing 11-month window to permit members of PERS to purchase credited service

· Com. Sub. for SB 345: Relating to fire service equipment and training funds for VFDs (original similar to HB 2558)

· Com. Sub. for SB 405: Increasing limit on additional expenses incurred in preparing notice list for redemption

· SB 461: Providing for personal income tax withholding on certain lottery winnings

· Com. Sub. for SB 481: Relating to Judicial Vacancy Advisory Commission

· Eng. Com. Sub. for HB 2446: Blue Alert Plan



· Com. Sub. for SB 60: Licensing practice of athletic training (original similar to HB2401)

· Com. Sub. for SB 66: Prohibiting certain misleading lawsuit advertising practices (original similar to HB2671)

· Com. Sub. for SB 74: Exempting nonpaid volunteers at ski areas from workers' compensation benefits

· Com. Sub. for SB 339: Allowing certain persons carry pepper spray in State Capitol Complex


Scheduled Committee Meetings


10 a.m.: Transportation and Infrastructure (451M)

1 p.m.: Energy, Industry and Mining (208W)

1 p.m.: Health and Human Resources (451M)

2 p.m.: Government Organization (208W)

2 p.m.: Education (451M)

3 p.m.: Judiciary (208W)

3 p.m.: Finance (451M)

Senate Bills to be Introduced Tuesday, February 12, 2019

· SB 574: Permitting authorized physician order involuntary hospitalization of individual if physician believes addicted or mentally ill (Maroney; Health and Human Resources then Judiciary)

· SB 575: Creating long-term care medical review panels (Takubo; Judiciary)

· SB 576: Creating Orphan Oil and Gas Well Prevention Act (Smith, Sypolt; Energy, Industry and Mining then Judiciary)

· SB 577: Repealing Class N resident and Class NN nonresident antlerless deer hunting stamp (FN) (Takubo; Natural Resources then Finance)

· SB 578: Establishing education employees fund (FN) (Unger; Education then Finance)

· SB 579: Supplemental appropriation to Division of Health (Stollings; Finance)

· SB 580: Relating generally to Local Control and Accountability Act (Swope; Government Organization then Finance)

· SB 581: Creating litigation practice license for social workers (Lindsay; Government Organization then Judiciary)

· SB 582: Exempting certain hygiene products from sales tax (FN) (Beach; Finance)

· SB 583: Creating financial technology sandbox program for testing of financial products and services (Azinger; Banking and Insurance then Judiciary)

· SB 584: Requiring contractors performing work for government contracts use software to verify hours worked (Azinger; Government Organization)

· SB 585: Defining "stalking" as repeated course of conduct (Weld, Ihlenfeld, Lindsay; Judiciary)

· SB 586: Prohibiting Natural Resources Commission from establishing bag limit for antlered deer (Maynard, Jeffries; Natural Resources then Judiciary)

· SB 587: Relating to PEIA reimbursement of air ambulance providers (FN) (Trump; Finance)

· SB 588: Creating small business and minority populations economic and workforce development taskforce (FN) (Jeffries, Lindsay; Workforce then Government Organization)

· SB 589: Designating social workers in DHHR promote better student school attendance (FN) (Lindsay; Education then Finance)

· SCR 28: James Henry Caruthers Memorial Road (Jeffries, Baldwin, Beach, Facemire, Ihlenfeld, Lindsay, Plymale, Prezioso, Romano, Stollings)

* (FN) indicates the bill has a Fiscal Note

* (IB) indicates the bill is an Interim Bill

Committee Action on Bills from Monday, February 11, 2019

1 p.m.: Natural Resources (208W)


2 p.m.: Banking and Insurance (451M)


3 p.m.: Judiciary (208W)


3 p.m.: Finance (451M)

Bills that Have Passed the Senate as of Monday, February 11, 2019 (85 Senate; 3 House)


Resolutions that have Passed the Senate as of Monday, February 11, 2019 (8)

Bills and Resolutions that have Completed Legislation as of Monday, February 11, 2019 (12 Senate; 1 House)

Bills that Have Been Signed by the Governor as of Monday, February 11, 2019 (1)



Bills that Have Been Vetoed by the Governor as of Monday, February 11, 2019 (1)


SB 272: Updating code relating to Commission on Special Investigations (Vetoed 02-11-19)


Committee times and agendas are subject to change. Follow @WVSenClerk on Twitter for updates.

All Senate Committee meetings and floor sessions are available for both live streaming and to watch again in our archives. The link to the Senate’s archived video page can be found here:

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