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Brandon Steele (R - Raleigh, 29)


Capitol Office:
Room 205E, Building 1
State Capitol Complex
Charleston, WV 25305
Capitol Phone: (304) 340-3162

407 Millstone Drive
Beckley, WV 25801
Home Phone: (304) 575-3508


VICE CHAIR: Homeland Security
Small Business and Economic Development

Law Institute
Natural Gas Development
Rule-Making Review Committee


District Counties: Raleigh (part)



Delegate Steele was the Lead Sponsor of 39 bills
HB 2471Increasing criminal penalties for impersonation of law-enforcement officers or officialsPendingFinance
HB 2477Establishing different rates of taxation for tobacco products for certain border countiesPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 2478Modifying the Fair Trade Practices ActSigned
HB 2494Relating to the ineligibility for home incarceration for offenders under certain circumstancesPendingJudiciary
HB 2502Prohibiting registered sex offenders from participating in Halloween activitiesPendingJudiciary
HB 2505Relating to the ineligibility for probation of certain defendantsPendingJudiciary
HB 2508Relating to certain defendants ineligible for probationPendingJudiciary
HB 2527Relating to forgery and other crimes concerning lottery ticketsPendingJudiciary
HB 2814Making it a felony to transport certain drugs into the state with intent to deliverPendingJudiciary
HB 3064Establishing an intravenous drug user treatment and commitment processPending
HB 3066Relating to extended supervision for certain drug offendersPendingJudiciary
HB 4013Establishing an intravenous drug user treatment and commitment processPending
HB 4025Creating a State Central Legal Advertising WebsitePendingJudiciary
HB 4027Providing that a municipal services user fee may not be imposed on employees of the statePendingPolitical Subdivisions
HB 4031Increasing the salaries of the Secretary of State, Auditor, Treasurer, and Attorney GeneralPendingFinance
HB 4041Allowing deductions to determine adjusted gross income for student loan payments or mortgage payments in determining child supportPendingSenior Citizen Issues
HB 4043Preventing state, county and municipal agencies from covering any portions of Public Employee Insurance Act premiums for spousePendingBanking and Insurance
HB 4044Prohibiting payroll deductions to electioneering organizationsPendingJudiciary
HB 4045Relating to provisions of the "Habitual Offender" statutePendingJudiciary
HB 4046Relating to abolishing spousal supportPendingJudiciary
HB 4053Granting tax credits for parents and legal guardians whose children are in a home schooling program or private schoolPendingFinance
HB 4057Creating a cause of action for injuries suffered in a gun- free zonePendingJudiciary
HB 4063Relating to compulsory immunizationsPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 4114Informed Consent Protection ActPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 4115Requiring compulsory immunization of public school childrenPendingEducation
HB 4116Permitting the tracking of wounded or injured deer or bear with leashed dogsPendingAgriculture and Natural Resources
HB 4118Creating a state-wide email address directoryPendingJudiciary
HB 4119Establishing the crime of torturePendingJudiciary
HB 4191Permitting wagering on the results of certain professional or collegiate sports or athletic eventsPendingJudiciary
HB 4420Creating the Opioid Litigation FundPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 4462Adjusting the calculation of business and occupation tax on producing or selling electricity from solar energy facilitiesPendingFinance
HB 4510Prohibiting bodily intrusion by an inmate upon any person at any correctional facilitySigned
HB 4618Relating to deadly weapons for sale or hireSigned
HB 4704Repealing statutory provisions that provide immunity from criminal prosecution or liabilityPendingJudiciary
HB 4705Including three types of cancer for which rebuttable presumption of injury from employment exists for firefightersPendingBanking and Insurance
HB 4781Repealing the article regulating the practice of radiologic technologistsPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 4813Relating to veterinary technicians or animal euthanasia techniciansPendingAgriculture and Natural Resources
HB 4840Dividing pretrial detention jail costs between arresting authoritiesPendingJudiciary
HB 4858Classifying "marihuana" and tetrahydrocannabinols as a Schedule IV controlled substancePendingHealth and Human Resources


Release TitleDate
Delegate Steele questions cost of law firm selected in DHHR foster care case 11/05/2019
GOP Delegates Pledge to Protect Second Amendment Rights08/08/2019
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