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Kelli Sobonya (R - Cabell, 18)

Assistant Majority Whip


Capitol Office:
Room 207E, Building 1
State Capitol Complex
Charleston, WV 25305
Capitol Phone: (304) 340-3175

P.O. Box 367
Barboursville, WV, 25504
Home Phone: NA
Business Phone: (304)-417-0869


CHAIR: Rule Making Review
House Rules
Industry and Labor
Select Committee on Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse

CHAIR: Rule-Making Review Committee
Health and Human Resources Accountability


District Counties: Cabell (part)



Delegate Sobonya was the Lead Sponsor of 106 bills
HB 121Requiring unclaimed prize money be deposited into the General Revenue FundPendingJudiciary
HB 2218Agriculture, Department of, Dangerous Wild AnimalsPendingJudiciary
HB 2219Authorizing miscellaneous boards and agencies to promulgate legislative rulesSigned
HB 2220Barbers and Cosmetologists, W.Va. Board of, Licensing Schools of Barbering, Cosmetology, Nail Technology and AestheticsPendingJudiciary
HB 2221DEP Air Quality Board, Alternative Emission Limitations During Startup, Shutdown and Maintenance OperationsPendingJudiciary
HB 2222DEP Air Quality Board, Ambient Air Quality StandardsPendingJudiciary
HB 2223DEP Air Quality Board, Permits for Construction, Modification, Relocation and Operation of Stationary Sources of Air Pollutants, Notification Requirements, Admin. Updates, Temporary Permits, General Permits, Permission to Commence Construction and Procedures for EvaluationPendingJudiciary
HB 2224DEP Air Quality Board, Permits for Construction and Major Modification of Major Stationary Sources for the Prevention of Significant Deterioration of Air QualityPendingJudiciary
HB 2225DEP Air Quality Board, Standards of Performance for New Stationary SourcesPendingJudiciary
HB 2226DEP Air Quality Board, Control of Air Pollution from Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage and Disposal FacilitiesPendingJudiciary
HB 2227DEP Air Quality Board, Emission Standards for Hazardous Air PollutantsPendingJudiciary
HB 2228DEP Secretary's Office, Voluntary Remediation and Redevelopment RulePendingJudiciary
HB 2229DEP Water and Waste Management, Awarding of Matching Grants for Local Litter Control ProgramsPendingJudiciary
HB 2230Insurance Commission, Adoption of Valuation ManualPendingJudiciary
HB 2231Natural Resources, Division of, Point System for the Revocation of Hunting - RepealPendingJudiciary
HB 2232Physical Therapy, W.Va. Board of, Fees for Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist AssistantPendingJudiciary
HB 2233Agriculture, Department of, Animal Disease ControlPendingJudiciary
HB 2234Agriculture, Department of, Captive CervidPendingJudiciary
HB 2235Architects, W.Va. Board of, Registration of ArchitectsPendingJudiciary
HB 2236Athletic Commission, W.Va. State Administrative Rules of the WV State Athletic CommissionPendingJudiciary
HB 2237Athletic Commission, W.Va. State Regulation of Mixed Martial ArtsPendingJudiciary
HB 2238Auditor, W.Va. State Auditor, Procedure for Local Levying Bodies to Apply for Permission to Extend Time to Meet as Levying BodyPendingJudiciary
HB 2239Barbers and Cosmetologists, W.Va. Board of Qualifications, Training, Examination and Certification of Instructors in Barbering and CosmetologyPendingJudiciary
HB 2240Barbers and Cosmetologists, W.Va. Board of, Operational Standards for Schools of Barbering, Cosmetology, Hair Styling, Nail Technology and AestheticsPendingJudiciary
HB 2241Barbers and Cosmetologists, W.Va. Board of Operation of Barber, Beauty, Nail and Aesthetic Shops/Salons, and Schools of Barbering and Beauty CulturePendingJudiciary
HB 2242Barbers and Cosmetologists, W.Va. Board of Schedule of FeesPendingJudiciary
HB 2243Barbers and Cosmetologists, W.Va. Board of Barber ApprenticeshipPendingJudiciary
HB 2244Counseling, W.Va. Board of Examiners in Licensed Professional Counselor FeesPendingJudiciary
HB 2245Counseling, W.Va. Board of Examiners in Licensed Professional Counselor License Renewal and Continuing Professional Education RequirementsPendingJudiciary
HB 2246Counseling, W.Va. Board of Examiners in Marriage and Family Therapists FeesPendingJudiciary
HB 2247Counseling, W.Va. Board of Examiners in Marriage and Family Therapist License Renewal and Continuing Professional Education RequirementsPendingJudiciary
HB 2248Dangerous Wild Animals, W.Va. Board of Dangerous Wild AnimalsPendingJudiciary
HB 2249Dentistry, W.Va. Board of Rule for the WV Board of DentistryPendingJudiciary
HB 2250Ethics Commission, W.Va. State Private GainPendingJudiciary
HB 2252Governor's Committee on Crime, Delinquency and Correction, Law Enforcement Training and Certification StandardsPendingJudiciary
HB 2253Governor's Committee on Crime, Delinquency and Correction, William R. Laird IV - Second Chance Driver’s License ProgramPendingJudiciary
HB 2254Health and Human Resources, WV Department of Clinical Laboratory Technician and Technologist Licensure and CertificationPendingJudiciary
HB 2255Health and Human Resources, WV Department of Clandestine Drug Laboratory RemediationPendingJudiciary
HB 2256Health and Human Resources, WV Department of Expedited Partner TherapyPendingJudiciary
HB 2257Health and Human Resources, WV Department of Medication - Assisted Treatment - Opioid Treatment ProgramsPendingJudiciary
HB 2258Health and Human Resources, WV Department of Medication - Assisted Treatment - Office - Based Medication Assisted TreatmentPendingJudiciary
HB 2259Health Care Authority, W.Va. State Exemption From Certificate of NeedPendingJudiciary
HB 2260Health Care Authority, W.Va. State Rural Health Systems Grant ProgramPendingJudiciary
HB 2261Health Care Authority, W.Va. State Hospital Assistance Grant ProgramPendingJudiciary
HB 2262Health Care Authority, W.Va. State Certificate of Need RulePendingJudiciary
HB 2263Lottery Commission, W.Va. State Limited Video LotteryPendingJudiciary
HB 2264Medicine, WV Board of Licensing and Disciplinary Procedures: Physicians; PodiatristsPendingJudiciary
HB 2265Medicine, WV Board of Licensure, Disciplinary and Complaint Procedures, Continuing Education, Physician AssistantsPendingJudiciary
HB 2266Medicine, WV Board of Dispensing of Legend Drugs by PractitionersPendingJudiciary
HB 2267Miners’ Health, Safety and Training, W.Va. Office of, Certification, Recertification and Training of EMT-Miners and the Certification of EMT-M InstructorsPendingJudiciary
HB 2268Natural Resources, WV Division of Revocation of Hunting and Fishing LicensesPendingJudiciary
HB 2269Natural Resources, WV Division of Special Waterfowl HuntingPendingJudiciary
HB 2270Natural Resources, WV Division of Commercial Sale of Wild LifePendingJudiciary
HB 2271Natural Resources, WV Division of Miscellaneous Permits and LicensesPendingJudiciary
HB 2272Optometry, W.Va. Board of, Continuing EducationPendingJudiciary
HB 2273Osteopathic Medicine, W.Va. Board of, Licensing Procedures for Osteopathic PhysiciansPendingJudiciary
HB 2274Osteopathic Medicine, W.Va. Board of Osteopathic Physician AssistantsPendingJudiciary
HB 2275Pharmacy, WV Board of Licensure and Practice of PharmacyPendingJudiciary
HB 2276Pharmacy, WV Board of Mail-Order and Non-Resident PharmaciesPendingJudiciary
HB 2277Pharmacy, WV Board of Controlled Substances Monitoring ProgramPendingJudiciary
HB 2278Public Service Commission, W.Va. Telephone Conduit OccupancyPendingJudiciary
HB 2279Racing Commission, W.Va. Thoroughbred RacingPendingJudiciary
HB 2280Racing Commission, W.Va. Pari-Mutuel WageringPendingJudiciary
HB 2281Registered Professional Nurses, W.Va. Board of Examiners for, Requirements for Registration and Licensure and Conduct Constituting Professional MisconductPendingJudiciary
HB 2282Registered Professional Nurses, W.Va. Board of Examiners for Limited Prescriptive Authority for Nurses in Advanced PracticePendingJudiciary
HB 2283Risk and Insurance Management, W.Va. State Board of Mine Subsidence InsurancePendingJudiciary
HB 2284Risk and Insurance Management, W.Va. State Board of Patient Injury Compensation FundPendingJudiciary
HB 2285Sanitarians, W.Va. State Board of Practice of Public Health SanitationPendingJudiciary
HB 2286Secretary of State Voter Registration at the Division of Motor VehiclesPendingJudiciary
HB 2287Secretary of State Voter Registration List Maintenance by the Secretary of StatePendingJudiciary
HB 2288Social Work, W.Va. Board of Continuing Education for Social Workers and ProvidersPendingJudiciary
HB 2289Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, WV Board of Examiners for Licensure of Speech-Pathology and AudiologyPendingJudiciary
HB 2290Treasurer’s Office, W.Va. State Procedures for Deposit of Monies with the State Treasurer's Office by State AgenciesPendingJudiciary
HB 2291Treasurer’s Office, W.Va. State Selection of State Depositories for Disbursement Accounts through Competitive BiddingPendingJudiciary
HB 2292Treasurer’s Office, W.Va. State Selection of State Depositories for Receipt AccountsPendingJudiciary
HB 2293Treasurer’s Office, W.Va. State Procedures for Processing Payments from the State TreasuryPendingJudiciary
HB 2294Treasurer’s Office, W.Va. State Procedure for Fees in Collections by Charge, Credit or Debit Card or by Electronic PaymentPendingJudiciary
HB 2295Treasurer’s Office, W.Va. State Procedures for Providing Services to Political SubdivisionsPendingJudiciary
HB 2296Veterinary Medicine, W.Va. Board of Standards of PracticePendingJudiciary
HB 2297Auditor, W.Va. State, Standards for Requisitions for Payment Issued by State Officers on the AuditorPendingJudiciary
HB 2298Barbers and Cosmetologists, W.Va. Board of Continuing EducationPendingJudiciary
HB 2299Barbers and Cosmetologists, W.Va. Board of Waxing SpecialistPendingJudiciary
HB 2307Terminating the Municipal Home Rule Pilot Program and Municipal Home Rule BoardPendingGovernment Organization
HB 2341Relating to the right of the Department of Health and Human Resources to subrogation for third-party liability settlements, by recipients who receive assistance under the Medicaid ProgramPendingBanking and Insurance
HB 2448Increasing the penalties for transporting controlled substances into the statePending
HB 2449Requiring the West Virginia Secondary Schools Activities Commission to adopt certain safety standards for youth lacrossePendingEducation
HB 2450Increasing mandatory minimum sentences for trafficking drugs into the statePending
HB 2451Establishing a specific valuation of managed timberland and timberland that is not managed timberland for ad valorem property tax purposesPendingFinance
HB 2452Relating to the pawn of gift cardsPendingJudiciary
HB 2454Making the Department of Corrections and the Division of Health, and their respective workplaces, subject to the Occupational Safety and Health ActPendingIndustry & Labor
HB 2455Budget and Spending Transparency ActPendingGovernment Organization
HB 2456Requiring the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals to maintain a searchable, criminal database containing copies of all arrests and convictions by all the courts in the statePendingJudiciary
HB 2457Creating the West Virginia Addictions Treatment and Recovery FundPendingFinance
HB 2458Exempting from food related laws or rules for certain individually produced agricultural productsPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 2466Changing the way that the cost of incarcerating inmates in regional jails is collectedPendingJudiciary
HB 2467Prohibiting school employees from promoting abortionPendingEducation
HB 2468Making it illegal to transport a minor across state lines to obtain an abortion without written consent of both parentsPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 2469Requiring benefit access devices to benefits provided by the Department of Human Services, to have a photograph of the person to whom a device was issuedPendingJudiciary
HB 2470Making it a felony to knowingly house drug traffickersPending
HB 2533Increasing the penalties for transporting controlled substances into the statePending
HB 2579Increasing the penalties for transporting controlled substancesSigned
HB 2685Requiring that information regarding case delays in the courts is to be provided to the public on a regular basisPendingJudiciary
HB 2686Providing a mechanism for the independent evaluation of revenue estimates by West Virginia and Marshall Universities’ business collegesPendingEducation
HB 2701Prohibiting recipients of public assistance to return items for cashPendingJudiciary
HB 2735Requiring the Board of Pharmacy to review, investigate and make appropriate referrals of reports of suspicious orders of controlled substancesPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 2741Relating to eligibility and fraud requirements for public assistancePendingGovernment Organization


Release TitleDate
Rule-Making Review Committee Issues Reminder of Looming Regulatory Reform Deadline 08/30/2017
Delegate Kelli Sobonya Honored for Arts in Education 03/16/2016
Taxpayer Funded Trinkets Now Banned05/28/2015
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