Date Requested: January 15, 2018
Time Requested: 02:40 PM
Agency: Health and Human Resources, WV Department of
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1719 Introduced SB272
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Effect this measure will have on costs and revenues of state government.

    The purpose of this bill is to require hospital emergency rooms and departments, as well as certain other law enforcement and medical care providers to report suspected or confirmed drug overdoses to the Office of Drug Control Policy. The bill permits counties experiencing drug overdoses higher than the national average to establish certain community-based recognition and response efforts. The bill permits those counties to seek federal and private funding to implement these programs. The bill requires all first responders, regardless of frequency of drug overdoses in their communities, to carry Naloxone and be trained in its use.
    16-5T-6 (b) indicates affected communities may explore and apply for federal and private grant funds for recognition and response efforts. Therefore, the Department does not see any additional fiscal impact related to this legislation.
    "Over the past two years the Department has worked to subaward federal grant funds for the purchase and distribution of Naloxone to first responders.

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