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Friday, March 5, 2021

HB2919.            By Del. Howell, Paynter, Hamrick and Linville - Protect privacy of those who store firearms in WV - To the Judiciary

HB2920.            By Del. Hanshaw (Mr. Speaker) and Skaff [By Request of the Executive] - Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Health and Human Resources, Division of Health – Laboratory Services Fund - To Finance

HB2921.            By Del. Young, Lovejoy, Fluharty, Pushkin, Zukoff and Rowe - Permitting anyone over 65 to vote absentee - To the Judiciary

HB2922.            By Del. Young, Zukoff, Lovejoy, Fluharty, Pushkin and Rowe - Adding Security expenses to campaign finance expense - To the Judiciary

HB2923.            By Del. Young, Linville, Dean, Thompson and Garcia - Relating to Social Media privacy and educational institutions - To Technology and Infrastructure then the Judiciary

HB2924.            By Del. Young, Walker, Zukoff and Thompson - Relating to unemployment compensation (FN) - To Workforce Development then Government Organization

HB2925.            By Del. Young, Linville, Paynter, Dean, Thompson and Garcia - Relating to data disposal protection - To the Judiciary

HB2926.            By Del. Young, Walker, Paynter, Garcia and Thompson - Relating to the Disconnection of Residential Utility during a State of Emergency  - To Government Organization then the Judiciary

HB2927.            By Del. Young, Walker, Statler, Worrell, Skaff and Lovejoy - Adding Caregiving expenses to campaign finance expense - To the Judiciary

HB2928.            By Del. Young, Thompson, Zukoff and Rowe - The purpose of this bill is to permit registered voters to vote an absentee ballot by mail in all circumstances - To the Judiciary

HB2929.            By Del. Young, Lovejoy, Fluharty, Pushkin and Zukoff - Allowing the Secretary of State’s office to transmit electronically the total ballots cast, counted, and rejected - To the Judiciary

HB2930.            By Del. McGeehan - Require the School Improvement Council appoint two members to a Selection Committee  - To Education then the Judiciary

HB2931.            By Del. Foster, Kimes, Steele and Barrett - Relating to standardizing the criteria for awarding spousal support - To the Judiciary

HB2932.            By Del. Kessinger, Graves and Mazzocchi - Protections for Charitable Organizations - To Government Organization

HB2933.            By Del. Kessinger, Hardy, D. Jeffries, Pinson, J. Pack, Summers, L. Pack, Haynes, Brown, Hanshaw (Mr. Speaker) and Mazzocchi - Anti-Discrimination Against Israel Act - To the Judiciary

HB2934.            By Del. Mallow, Forsht, Conley, Miller and Longanacre - Allow local governments to hold property owners more accountable for upkeep of buildings - To Political Subdivisions then Government Organization

HB2935.            By Del. Mallow, Forsht, Conley, Miller, Longanacre and Hanna - Limit amount a county tax assessor can increase assessed value of antique or classic cars (FN) - To Political Subdivisions then Finance

HB2936.            By Del. Criss - To permit the Board of Treasury Investments to compensate appointed members for each meeting attended and to eliminate certain outdated and contradictory investment restrictions. (FN) - To Finance

HB2937.            By Del. Hanna - Requiring a vote on school closure or consolidation in certain circumstances - To Education then the Judiciary

HB2938.            By Del. Espinosa, Barrett, Hardy, Clark, Householder and Summers - Reallocate a certain amount of net terminal income from racetrack video lottery distributed to the thoroughbred and greyhound development funds at the licensed racetracks of origin. (FN) - To the Judiciary then Finance

HB2939.            By Del. Espinosa, Barrett, Hardy, Horst, Reed, Miller, Clark, Forsht and Householder - Clarify “out-of-school” time programs. - To Education

HB2940.            By Del. Hanshaw (Mr. Speaker) and Skaff [By Request of the Executive] - Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Education, State Board of Education – State Department of Education - To Finance

HB2941.            By Del. Hanshaw (Mr. Speaker) and Skaff [By Request of the Executive] - Supplementary appropriation decreasing an existing item and adding a new item of appropriation to the Department of Revenue, Insurance Commissioner - To Finance

HB2942.            By Del. Holstein - Providing tax credits for hiring those in recovery for substance abuse - To Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development then Finance

HB2943.            By Del. Holstein - To unseal adoption records after 21 years of age for adoptees for a one time fee of $30 and issuance of an original birth certificate for the common birth certificate fee.  - To the Judiciary

HB2944.            By Del. Higginbotham - Providing for the registration of lobbyist interns (FN) - To the Judiciary

HB2945.            By Del. Higginbotham - To move back the deadline for a candidate to make a party switch to run in the GOP primary to 6 months before the filing date - To the Judiciary

HB2946.            By Del. Howell - Second Amendment Sanctuary Act - To the Judiciary

HB2947.            By Del. Higginbotham and Steele - Regarding recording of police interrogations - To the Judiciary

HB2948.            By Del. Lovejoy, Brown, Williams, Worrell and Hornbuckle - Mandating coverage for medical care of State Police officers injured in the line of duty (FN) - To Veterans' Affairs and Homeland Security then Finance

HB2949.            By Del. Higginbotham and Ellington - Providing supplemental education through learning pods - To Education

HB2950.            By Del. Howell, Martin, Paynter, Hamrick, J. Pack, Linville and Maynard - Provide the Division of Motor Vehicles authority to develop an “Antique Fleet” program so that multiple antique motor vehicles may utilize a single registration plate (FN) - To Technology and Infrastructure then Government Organization

HB2951.            By Del. Foster, Hamrick, Clark, Mazzocchi, Steele, Kessinger, J. Pack, Howell, Householder, Linville and Hardy - Repeal of authority granted to municipalities to levy business and occupation or privilege tax (FN) - To Finance

HB2952.            By Del. Foster - Ensure that persons appointed as guardians ad litem in divorce and child custody and parenting cases are properly trained in certified courses of instruction with curricula grounded in the social science bases for determining the best interests of the child (FN) - To the Judiciary

HB2953.            By Del. Hardy, Westfall, Jennings, Clark, Linville, Hott, D. Jeffries, Graves, Tully, Storch and Forsht - To clarify that counties can hire fire fighters as paid staff and to modify the existing procedures to include a procedure of public hearing to commission a vote - To Fire Departments and Emergency Medical Services then the Judiciary

HB2954.            By Del. Burkhammer, J. Jeffries, Mandt, Paynter, Martin, Hanna, Worrell, Graves, Pinson, Wamsley and J. Pack - Abortion permitted only in certain instances (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then the Judiciary

HB2955.            By Del. Linville [By Request of the Division of Highways] - Removing the residency requirement for the Commissioner of the Division of Highways - To Technology and Infrastructure then Government Organization

HB2956.            By Del. Bates and Young - Permit licensed food trucks to operate on the State Capitol Complex during periods in which the Capitol Complex Cafeteria is not operational - To Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development then Government Organization


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