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1 - 08 - 2020
1 - 08 - 2020 (Carryover Bills)
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1 - 10 - 2020
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1 - 14 - 2020 (Rule-Making)
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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

HB4435.            By Del. McGeehan, Phillips and Paynter - Granting counties and municipalities a portion of the net terminal income from racetrack video lottery (FN) - To the Judiciary then Finance

HB4436.            By Del. Westfall, Summers, Queen, Waxman, Storch, Nelson and Kessinger - Clarifying that The American Law Institute's Restatement of the Law, Liability Insurance is not a source of West Virginia insurance law - To the Judiciary

HB4437.            By Del. J. Jeffries, Toney and Maynard - Relating to the West Virginia Pay Card program - To Government Organization

HB4438.            By Del. Espinosa, Householder, Barrett and Storch - Relating to the licensing of advance deposit wagering - To the Judiciary

HB4439.            By Del. Householder, Criss, Butler, Anderson, Rowan, Linville, Graves, Maynard, Barrett and Boggs - Clarifying the method for calculating the amount of severance tax attributable to the increase in coal production (FN) - To Energy then Finance

HB4440.            By Del. Fluharty, Foster, Canestraro, Storch, Barrett, Hill, Bates, Shott, Hornbuckle, Staggers and Pushkin - Prohibiting the home schooling of children in certain circumstances - To Education then the Judiciary

HB4441.            By Del. McGeehan - Providing that political party caucus meetings are not exempt from open proceedings requirements - To Government Organization then the Judiciary

HB4442.            By Del. Pack, Howell, Hanshaw (Mr. Speaker), Graves and Steele - Requiring certain municipalities to pay for the incarceration of inmates (FN) - To Political Subdivisions then Finance

HB4443.            By Del. Barrett, Householder, Criss, Bates, Williams, Hill, Graves, Boggs, Sponaugle, Storch and Skaff - Shifting funding from the Landfill Closure Assistance Fund to local solid waste authorities (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance

HB4444.            By Del. Linville, Rohrbach, Lovejoy, Mandt, Worrell, Miller, Maynard, Little, Summers, Hanshaw (Mr. Speaker) and D. Kelly - Establishing Medals of Valor and Medals for Bravery for emergency medical services, firefighters, and law-enforcement officers (FN) - To Fire Departments and Emergency Medical Services then Government Organization

HB4445.            By Del. Linville, Hansen, Summers, Householder, Skaff, Maynard, Criss and Queen - Economic Diversification Act of 2020 (FN) - To Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development then Finance

HB4446.            By Del. Graves, J. Kelly, Higginbotham, Maynard, Summers, Pack, Kessinger, Steele, Hanna, Linville and Hanshaw (Mr. Speaker) - Relating to inspections of surface coal mining operations - To Energy

HB4447.            By Del. Lavender-Bowe, Lovejoy, Campbell, Pack, Evans, Zukoff, Boggs, Walker, Graves, Paynter and Estep-Burton - Creating the shared table initiative for senior citizens who suffer from food insecurity - To Senior, Children, and Family Issues then Government Organization

HB4448.            By Del. Householder, Criss, Westfall, Graves, Anderson, Storch, Linville and Boggs - Relating to the transfer of moneys from the Insurance Commission Fund into the Workers' Compensation Old Fund (FN) - To Finance

HB4449.            By Del. Graves, Linville, Skaff, Swartzmiller, Storch, Higginbotham, Hanna, Barrett, Boggs, Westfall and Nelson - Requiring state purchases of certain items to be made from authorized dealers in this state (FN) - To Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development then Government Organization

HB4450.            By Del. Butler - Relating to instruction permits issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles - To Technology and Infrastructure then Government Organization


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