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1 - 10 - 2018
1 - 10 - 2018 (Carryover Bills)
1 - 11 - 2018
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1 - 15 - 2018
1 - 15 - 2018 (Rule-Making)
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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

4161.   By Del. Hanshaw, Ambler, Kessinger, Lynch, Pethtel and Mr. Speaker (Mr. Armstead) - Exempting the State Conservation Committee and the Conservation Agency from the requirements of the Purchasing Division for contracts related to flood recovery - To Government Organization then the Judiciary

4162.   By Del. Hanshaw, Ambler, Kessinger, Lynch, Pethtel and Mr. Speaker (Mr. Armstead) - Granting authority to the State Conservation Committee to contract for flood response - To Government Organization then the Judiciary

4163.   By Del. Kessinger, Criss, Higginbotham, Butler, Foster, Summers, Zatezalo, Hamrick, Arvon, Cooper and Dean - Relating to termination of the Women’s Commission (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance

4164.   By Del. Wagner, Deem, Overington, Zatezalo, Anderson, Statler, Nelson, Hill, Lane, Butler and Ellington - Providing that members of the House of Delegates in districts having more than one delegate be elected from numbered divisions - To the Judiciary

4165.   By Del. Moye, Paynter, Butler, E. Evans, Fast, R. Miller and Kessinger - Prohibiting employers from requiring microchips or electronic devices being implanted - To the Judiciary

4166.   By Del. Westfall, Kessinger, Paynter, Foster, Hamrick, Butler, Statler and Summers - Establishing a special revenue fund to be known as the "Capital Improvements Fund — Department of Agriculture Facilities" (FN) - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance

4167.   By Del. Graves, Hamrick, Jennings, Iaquinta, Howell, Pyles, Hill, Criss, Diserio and Paynter - Relating to regulation of cremation, embalming, and funeral service directing - To Government Organization then Finance

4168.   By Del. Anderson, Kelly, Zatezalo, Lane, Westfall and Higginbotham - Relating to entry onto private property by natural gas companies - To Energy then the Judiciary

4169.   By Del. Barrett, Shott, Overington, Moore, Kessinger, Lane, Queen, Upson, Lovejoy, Canestraro and R. Miller - Requiring certain establishments and facilities to post human trafficking assistance notices (FN) - To the Judiciary

4170.   By Del. Criss, Paynter, Martin, Graves, Jennings, Ward, Howell, Pyles, Sypolt, Hill and Diserio - Relating to the management and continuous inventory of vehicles owned, leased, operated, or acquired by the state and its agencies - To Government Organization then Finance

4171.   By Del. Pushkin, Lynch, Bates, Rohrbach, Byrd, Diserio, R. Miller, Lovejoy, White and Lane - Prohibiting smoking in an enclosed motor vehicle when a child under the age of eight is present - To Health and Human Resources then the Judiciary

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