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133 Resolutions completed legislative action.




HCR 1 Extending an invitation to His Excellency, the Governor, to deliver an address to the Legislature and raising a Joint Assembly therefor01/10/18
HCR 2 U. S. Marine Corps PFC James Ralph Heeter Memorial Bridge03/10/18
HCR 3 U. S. Army Cpl David Michael Hopkins and U.S. Army Cpl Romey Earl Hughart, Jr. Memorial Bridge03/07/18
HCR 4 U. S. Army SPC4 Gary Wayne Morgan Memorial Bridge03/07/18
HCR 5 U. S. Army PFC Jessie Franklin Crow Memorial Bridge03/09/18
HCR 8 Funding for feasibility study of Coal-to-Chemicals Project 03/08/18
HCR 9 U. S. Air Force Major Neil L. Ferrell Memorial Bridge03/10/18
HCR 13 U. S. Army SGM Bill E. Jeffrey Memorial Road03/10/18
HCR 16 Frenchburg Bridge03/07/18
HCR 19 World Moyamoya Awareness Day03/09/18
HCR 25 U. S. Army SPC David A. Hess Memorial Bridge03/10/18
HCR 26 U. S. Army PFC Tracy Victor Rohrbaugh Memorial Bridge03/07/18
HCR 27 Making Grafton's Annual Memorial Day Parade the Official State Memorial Day Parade03/07/18
HCR 30 U. S. Army PFC Victor Allen Mazitis, Jr. Memorial Bridge03/10/18
HCR 33 U. S. Army 2LT Clarence Dragoo Memorial Bridge03/07/18
HCR 35 USMC LCpl George W. Henry, Jr. Memorial Bridge03/10/18
HCR 40 U. S. Air Force SMSgt Billie E. 'Bunky' Hodge Bridge03/09/18
HCR 45 U. S. Air Force Reserves 2nd Lieutenant Richard E. Tyson Memorial Bridge03/10/18
HCR 47 U. S. Army SPC 4 William L. Amos Memorial Bridge03/10/18
HCR 53 Pastor Robert L. 'Bob' Barker Memorial Bridge03/10/18
HCR 61 U. S. Army PFC Cornelious Wiley Memorial Bridge03/10/18
HCR 62 Pocahontas County Veterans Memorial Bridge03/10/18
HCR 65 U. S. Army CPL George Browning Memorial Road03/10/18
HCR 68 U. S. Army SGT Douglas Thompson Memorial Road03/10/18
HCR 75 PVT George Howell, Continental Army Memorial Highway03/10/18
HCR 77 Deputy Sheriff Jesse R. Browning Memorial Road03/10/18
HCR 78 U. S. Marine Corps PFC Danny Marshall Memorial Bridge03/10/18
HCR 85 Requesting the legislatures and departments of transportation of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia to endorse and pursue the construction of a new four-lane, limited access highway, extending Interstate Highway 99 from its present terminus at Bedford, Pennsylvania, to Covington, Virginia03/10/18
HCR 87 Constable Joseph H. Davidson Memorial Bridge03/07/18
HCR 88 U. S. Air Force Capt. Clarence Virgil Slack, Jr. Memorial Bridge03/10/18
HCR 91 U.S. Navy Capt Homer Leroy Smith Memorial Bridge03/07/18
HCR 100 Morgantown High School Veterans Bridge03/10/18
HR 1 Authorizing the appointment of employees for this, the Second Regular Session of the Eighty-third Legislature, two thousand eighteen01/10/18
HR 2 Authorizing printing and distribution of Acts of the Legislature and Journals of the House of Delegates01/10/18
HR 3 Relating to the Standing Committees of the House and creating a new Standing Committee on Fire Departments and Emergency Medical Services and setting forth its duties, jurisdiction and membership01/10/18
HR 5 Requesting the West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA) Finance Board maintain its current financial plan for the coming year02/07/18
HR 7 Urging federal policymakers to support legislation advancing the development of an Appalachian Storage Hub02/28/18
HR 9 Memorializing the life of the Honorable Tony Jerome Lewis, dedicated husband, father, grandfather, coalminer, soldier, farmer, businessman and public servant02/23/18
HR 12 Memorializing the life of the Honorable Clyde McNeill See, Jr., former Speaker of the House of Delegates, dedicated community leader, public servant and family man03/02/18
HR 13 Recognizing the Fiftieth Anniversary of the establishment of the Commission on Special Investigations03/09/18
SCR 1 US Army SGT Denver E. Short Memorial Road03/10/18
SCR 3 Michael Angiulli Memorial Bridge03/10/18
SCR 4 WV Army National Guard Sergeant Glenn F. Lough, P.E., Memorial Bridge02/19/18
SCR 6 Supporting construction of Gold Star Families Memorial Monument01/23/18
SCR 11 Evans Center for Excellence in Aircraft Maintenance03/02/18
SCR 14 US Army SPC 4 William L. Amos Memorial Bridge03/10/18
SCR 17 John Hancock Hall Memorial Bridge03/10/18
SCR 21 US Army PFC Charles Thurman "Buddy" Ellis Memorial Bridge03/10/18
SCR 22 US Army Colonel Larkin Bilton Vance Memorial Highway03/10/18
SCR 23 Betty Jo Delong Memorial Bridge03/10/18
SCR 25 US Army PFC O. T. (Teaberry) Mullins Memorial Bridge03/10/18
SCR 26 US Army PFC Thomas Mayford Martin Memorial Bridge03/10/18
SCR 27 US Army CPL F. Lee Noel Memorial Bridge03/10/18
SCR 29 US Army SGT Benny Fleming Memorial Bridge03/10/18
SCR 37 Sheriff John E. White Memorial Road03/10/18
SCR 43 US Army T-4 CE Caesar Bango Memorial Bridge03/10/18
SCR 48 US Army MSG Monty Ray Skeen, Sr., Memorial Bridge03/10/18
SCR 49 US Army PFC Robert "Bobby" Tate, Jr., Memorial Bridge03/10/18
SCR 51 Extending conference committee relating to Engrossed Committee Substitute for HB 401303/06/18
SCR 52 Deputy Sheriff John Janey Memorial Bridge03/10/18
SCR 54 Requesting study on effect of new vehicle weights on WV roads03/10/18
SCR 55 Urging Congress pass law permitting WV to increase vehicle weight on interstate highways03/10/18
Judicial Budget Oversight Amendment03/10/18
SJR 12
No Constitutional right to abortion Amendment03/06/18
SR 1 Notifying House of Delegates Senate has assembled in regular session01/10/18
SR 2 Notifying Governor Legislature has assembled in regular session01/10/18
SR 3 Authorizing appointment of permanent and per diem employees01/10/18
SR 4 Honoring life of Dr. Harry Warren Boggs01/11/18
SR 5 Recognizing public service of Anne Palmer01/11/18
SR 6 Designating March 21, 2018, as Down Syndrome Awareness Day01/15/18
SR 7 Congratulating Wheeling Central Catholic high school on winning 2017 Class A football championship01/15/18
SR 8 Designating January 16, 2018, as WV Homeschool Day01/16/18
SR 9 Designating January 17, 2018, as Disability Advocacy Day01/17/18
SR 10 Designating January 18, 2018, as Tucker County Day01/18/18
SR 11 Designating January 19, 2018, as Southern West Virginia Day at Capitol01/19/18
SR 12 Designating January 22, 2018, as Women's and Girls' Day01/22/18
SR 13 Recognizing Leadership Berkeley01/22/18
SR 14 Designating January 23, 2018, as Higher Education Day01/23/18
SR 15 Designating January 24, 2018, as School Counselors Day01/24/18
SR 16 Designating January 24, 2018, as Marshall University Day01/24/18
SR 17 Recognizing Marshall University football team01/24/18
SR 18 Designating January 26, 2018, as Human Resources Day01/26/18
SR 19 Designating January 29, 2018, as Jefferson County Day01/29/18
SR 20 Celebrating achievements and contributions of Monongalia County01/30/18
SR 21 Recognizing Bryan Schuerman for being named 2017 WV Outstanding Earth Science Teacher01/30/18
SR 22 Designating January 31, 2018, as Nurses Unity Day01/31/18
SR 23 Recognizing contributions and efforts of Donate Life West Virginia partners02/01/18
SR 24 Celebrating efforts and contributions of Greenbrier County Elder Abuse Awareness Committee02/01/18
SR 25 Designating February 2, 2018, as Dental Hygienists Day02/02/18
SR 26 Congratulating Wyoming East High School golf team for 2017 Class AA state championship02/05/18
SR 27 Celebrating achievements and contributions of athletes from Marion County 02/05/18
SR 28 Designating February 6, 2018, as West Virginia State University Day02/06/18
SR 29 Congratulating Hurricane High School boys' soccer team 02/06/18
SR 30 Designating February 7, 2018, as Veterans Visibility Day02/07/18
SR 31 Designating February 7, 2018, as Go Red for Women Day02/07/18
SR 32 Honoring heroic actions of Brooke County Deputy Sheriffs Devin C. Baker, Kristen L. Richmond and Shane S. Siranovic02/08/18
SR 33 Recognizing WV School of Osteopathic Medicine for excellence in medical education02/08/18
SR 34 Designating February 9, 2018, as Corrections Day02/09/18
SR 35 Recognizing distinguished military service of Brigadier General John C. "Doc" Bahnsen, Jr.02/09/18
SR 36 Memorializing life of Jan Vineyard02/12/18
SR 37 Celebrating bicentennial of City of Weston02/12/18
SR 38 Designating February 13, 2018, as WV Child Care Association Celebrating Children and Families Day02/13/18
SR 39 Designating week of February 11-17, 2018, as WV 211 Awareness Week02/13/18
SR 40 Designating February 14, 2018, as Tiny Hearts Day02/14/18
SR 41 Designating February 14, 2018, as Arts Day02/14/18
SR 42 Recognizing contribution of car dealers to economy of West Virginia02/14/18
SR 43 Designating February 15, 2018, as WV Alzheimer's Association Day02/15/18
SR 45 Congratulating Glen Chestnut as WV Outstanding Tree Farmer of 201802/19/18
SR 46 Recognizing achievements and contributions of Berkeley County and its citizens to WV02/20/18
SR 47 Designating February 21, 2018, as WV Aviation Day02/21/18
SR 48 Celebrating 150th anniversary of Winfield02/21/18
SR 49 Designating March 11-17, 2018, as Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week02/21/18
SR 50 Designating February 21, 2018, as WV Local Foods Day02/21/18
SR 52 Designating February 26, 2018, as Families Leading Change Day02/26/18
SR 53 Recognizing Glenville State College for its efforts in making education more affordable03/01/18
SR 54 Recognizing Leadership Jefferson for service, dedication, and commitment to Jefferson County02/27/18
SR 55 Congratulating Cabell Midland Knights girls' soccer team for 2017 Class AAA state championship02/27/18
SR 56 Recognizing Michael Todd Paynter for public service to state and country02/28/18
SR 57 Designating March 1, 2018, as Innovation and Entrepreneurship Day03/01/18
SR 58 Recognizing guiding principles and partnership of WV Forward's initiatives03/01/18
SR 59 Recognizing dedicated and honorable public service of Linda Gibson03/02/18
SR 60 Designating March 2, 2018, as Suicide Prevention and Awareness Day03/02/18
SR 61 Designating month of March, 2018, as American Red Cross Month03/05/18
SR 62 Congratulating Quinn Raffo, distinguished finalist for 2018 Prudential Spirit of Community Award03/05/18
SR 63 Honoring Dennis Frye for his dedicated public service03/06/18
SR 64 Reaffirming sister-state relationship between WV and Taiwan03/06/18
SR 65 Memorializing life of Leon McCoy03/07/18
SR 66 Recognizing 50th anniversary of Commission on Special Investigations and staff03/09/18
SR 67 Congratulating Winfield High School girls' tennis team for 2017 Class AA-A championship03/09/18
SR 68 Memorializing life of Stephen L. Cook03/10/18
SR 70 Recognizing Randy Moss for his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame03/10/18
SR 71 Notifying House of Delegates Senate is ready to adjourn sine die03/10/18
SR 72 Notifying Governor Legislature is ready to adjourn sine die03/11/18
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