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House Bill 2795

Legislative Session: 2016(RS)
LAST ACTION: H Communicated to Senate 03/12/16
SUMMARY: Providing that when a party's health condition is at issue in a civil action, medical records and releases for medical information may be requested and required without court order
SPONSORS: White, B., McCuskey
Bill Definitions
Committee Substitute - html | pdf
Introduced Version - html | pdf
CODE AFFECTED: §56 - 4 - 72  (New Code)
Floor Amend. Definitions
HB2795 SFAT ROMANO 3-12 adopted.htm
HB2795 HFAT COWLES 3-12.htm
HB2795 HFA COWLES 3-12.htm
SB2795 SFAT ROMANO 3-12.htm
HB2795 SFA ROMANO 3-11 _2 adopted.htm
HB2795 SFA ROMANO 3-11 _2.htm
HB2795 SFA ROMANO 3-11 _1.htm
HB2795 HFA MANCHIN 2-22 _1.htm

Com. Amend. Definitions
HB2795 S JUD AMT withdrawn.htm
HB2795 S JUD AM _1 as amended.htm
HB2795 S JUD AM _1 ADOPTED.htm
HB2795 S JUD AMT.htm
HB2795 S JUD AM _1.htm
SUBJECT(S): Courts

Description Date Journal Page
H Communicated to Senate 03/12/16 1926
H Title amendment adopted (Voice vote) 03/12/16 1925
H House concurred in Senate amend with amend, passed bill (Roll No. 606) 03/12/16 1925
H House received Senate message 03/12/16 1923
S Senate requests House to concur 03/12/16 106
S Floor Title amendment adopted 03/12/16 106
S Committee Title amendment withdrawn by unanimous consent 03/12/16 106
S Passed Senate (Roll No. 466) 03/12/16 106
S Read 3rd time 03/12/16 105-106
S On 3rd reading 03/12/16
S Committee amendment as amended adopted (Voice vote) 03/11/16 69
S Amendment to committee amendment adopted (Voice vote) 03/11/16 69
S Committee Amendment Reported 03/11/16 68-69
S Read 2nd time 03/11/16 67
S On 2nd reading 03/11/16
S Read 1st time 03/10/16 166
S Immediate consideration 03/10/16 166
S Reported do pass, with amendment and title amendment 03/10/16 166
S To Judiciary 02/24/16 7
S To Judiciary 02/24/16
S Introduced in Senate 02/24/16 6
S House Message received 02/24/16 6
H Communicated to Senate 02/23/16 670
H Passed House (Roll No. 157) 02/23/16 670
H Read 3rd time 02/23/16 670
H On 3rd reading, Special Calendar 02/23/16 670
H Amendment withdrawn (Voice vote) 02/22/16 645
H Read 2nd time 02/22/16 645
H On 2nd reading, Special Calendar 02/22/16 645
H Read 1st time 02/20/16 613
H On 1st reading, Special Calendar 02/20/16 613
H Laid over on 1st reading, Special Calendar, until 2/20 02/19/16 590
H On 1st reading, Special Calendar 02/19/16 590
H By substitute, do pass 02/18/16 476
H To House Judiciary 01/13/16 16
H Introduced in House 01/13/16 16
H To Judiciary 01/13/16
H Filed for introduction 01/13/16
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